Elevate your sales process with PandaDoc, the ultimate solution for closing deals seamlessly within Salesforce. Empower your sales team to create, send, track, and electronically sign stunning quotes, proposals, and contracts directly from their Salesforce interface, whether they’re using Lightning or classic.

Key Features

1. Automated Document Generation

  • Merge opportunity, contact, product, and pricing data into your documents effortlessly. Enjoy error-free, on-brand, and instant document generation with just one click refresh to update docs with the latest Salesforce data.

2. Workflow Optimization

  • Build internal trust with approval workflows, signing order management, content locking, automatic document storage, and seamless document/opportunity status sync. Ensure compliance and streamline your sales process while still delivering sales docs quickly.

3. Real-Time Notifications

  • Stay informed with real-time notifications when a recipient opens, views, comments, or completes the document. Empower your team to react promptly when prospects are ready to engage, maximizing your chances of closing deals.

4. Seamless Integration

  • Plug and play! Setting up and customizing PandaDoc’s native, Lightning-ready integration is quick, easy, and doesn’t require any coding. Get up and running in no time to start closing deals faster.

5. Salesforce Product Mapping

  • Create more complex documents effortlessly with the new Salesforce Product Mapping feature, ensuring accurate and efficient document creation tailored to your specific needs.

How It Works

  • Seamlessly integrate PandaDoc with Salesforce to streamline your document generation and closing process.

  • Leverage automated document generation, workflow optimization, real-time notifications, and seamless integration to accelerate your sales cycle and drive more revenue.

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