• Easily create visually stunning surveys optimized for mobile devices using our user-friendly survey builder.
  • Access a wide range of pre-built survey question types and templates, including Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, and Employee Engagement surveys.


  • Set up automated workflows to send surveys automatically after specific interactions, such as case closure or lost opportunities, ensuring real-time and contextual feedback.
  • Distribute surveys through various channels preferred by your customers, including email, Salesforce Chat (Live Agent), Salesforce Messaging, Salesforce Communities, mobile apps, and websites.
  • Embed survey questions and Salesforce data into “One-Touch Emails” to increase response rates; export HTML and VisualForce email templates.
  • Send One-Touch emails via Salesforce, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, GetFeedback, or any email provider.


  • Easily map survey responses to any standard or custom object within Salesforce for comprehensive data integration.
  • Analyze feedback data seamlessly using Salesforce Reports and Dashboards, GetFeedback Dashboards, or export data to Excel/CSV format.
  • Utilize Text Analytics to identify keywords and sentiment from survey responses.


  • Receive immediate notifications for critical feedback, allowing quick follow-up with customers to address concerns and enhance relationships.

Our survey solution seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, enabling your team to gain actionable insights and drive continuous improvement in customer satisfaction and engagement.


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