Seamlessly Manage Events with Eventbrite for Salesforce

Eventbrite for Salesforce, developed by Beaufort 12, is an integrated application designed to enhance event management directly within Salesforce. As part of the Integrated Apps suite, it offers a comprehensive solution for obtaining a 360-degree marketing view in Salesforce.

Key Features of Eventbrite for Salesforce:

  • Streamlined Event Management: Create and manage events seamlessly from within Salesforce, eliminating the need for switching between platforms.

  • Integrated Experience: Enjoy a fully immersive Eventbrite experience within Salesforce, with both data and screens integrated for efficient event management.

  • Multi-Organisation Support: Connect multiple Eventbrite organisations to Salesforce for centralized event management across different entities.

  • Intelligent Mappings: Utilize intelligent mappings to auto-link and create Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Campaigns, and Opportunities, streamlining data management processes.

  • Comprehensive Sync: Automatically sync event data, including Orders, Attendees, Venues, Tickets, Questions, and Answers, to Salesforce for robust reporting and analytics.

  • Optional Integration: Optionally link with Campaign Monitor or Emma for a complete 360-degree view of attendee interaction and engagement.

  • Customizable Sync: Tailor sync settings to filter data based on event types and specify the number of events to keep in Salesforce, ensuring efficient data management.

Explore Additional Features and Pricing:

To discover more about the features offered by Eventbrite for Salesforce, visit our Features page.

For information on pricing and subscription plans, please visit our Pricing page.

Enhance your event management capabilities and streamline your workflow with Eventbrite for Salesforce. Experience seamless integration and comprehensive event management directly within Salesforce.

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