Empower Your Enterprise with Real-Time Deduplication

Since 2008, DupeBlocker from Validity, Inc. has been the trusted choice for enterprise-grade duplicate detection in Salesforce databases worldwide. Battle-tested and proven, DupeBlocker offers robust real-time deduplication capabilities to keep your Salesforce instance clean and efficient.

Key Features of DupeBlocker:

  • Comprehensive Support: DupeBlocker supports all Salesforce objects, including Opportunities and custom objects, ensuring no duplicate goes unnoticed.

  • Field-Level Customization: Enjoy support for all Salesforce fields, including custom fields, allowing you to tailor deduplication scenarios to your organization’s unique needs.

  • Flexible Filter Options: Dual filter options enable you to specify which objects should be compared against each other. For example, compare “Web Leads” against only Leads of Record Type X for precise deduplication.

  • Duplicate Bypass and Insert: DupeBlocker offers a duplicate “Bypass and Insert” option, providing flexibility in managing duplicate records based on your specific requirements.

  • VisualForce User Interface: With a 100% VisualForce user interface, DupeBlocker ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience for effortless deduplication management.

  • Auto-Merge and Auto-Convert: Leverage the Auto-Merge and Auto-Convert features to automatically merge new incoming records with existing matching records. Customizable mappings ensure accurate and efficient merges.

  • Ultimate Solution for Web-to-Lead Duplicates: DupeBlocker is the ultimate solution for managing Web-to-Lead duplicates, allowing you to keep all your data within Salesforce without privacy concerns.

Developed by the creators of DemandTools and PeopleImport, DupeBlocker is trusted by enterprises worldwide to maintain data integrity and streamline deduplication processes in Salesforce.


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