Ensure your leads receive the attention they deserve with Distribution Engine, a straightforward lead assignment automation solution. Built for sales operations, Distribution Engine simplifies the setup and maintenance of lead routing, aligning with your sales processes without the need for complex Salesforce workflow rules. Boost fairness, productivity, and predictability by leveraging an intelligent rules-based engine to automate lead assignments efficiently.

Example Use Cases

  • Round Robin Assignment: Equitably distribute leads within each team using a round-robin approach.
  • Weighted Lead Assignment: Assign leads to reps based on quotas, giving priority to those with higher targets.
  • Load Balanced Assignment: Keep reps consistently engaged by distributing leads evenly across the team.
  • Regional Team Routing: Route leads to specific regional teams based on location or territory.
  • Automatic Re-Assignment: Automatically reassign leads if not followed up promptly, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.
  • Manual Lead Pulling: Allow reps to manually pull additional leads from a designated queue as needed.
  • Time-Zone Respect: Respect local time-zones for companies operating across multiple regions.
  • Predictive Team Load: Chart average hourly distribution volumes to forecast team workload effectively.


  • Salesforce Integration: Seamlessly integrates with your existing Salesforce queues and assignment rules, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Marketing Automation Integration: Connects with popular marketing automation software like Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot, Eloqua, allowing assignment of inbound leads based on lead score or other criteria.

Distribution Engine empowers sales teams to streamline lead assignment processes, optimize productivity, and maintain fairness in lead distribution, ultimately enhancing overall sales performance. With its intuitive interface and robust automation capabilities, Distribution Engine is the solution for modern sales operations seeking efficient lead management.


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