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WHO USES DEMAND TOOLS? Businesses of all sizes and tens of thousands of Administrators, Sales, and Marketing Operations professionals worldwide trust DemandTools for robust data management solutions.


  • Flexible Deduplication: Customize and merge standard and custom objects to eliminate duplicates effectively.
  • Lead Conversion: Seamlessly convert leads to contacts and accounts while deduplicating.
  • ETL / Import Modules: Support for various data sources including XLS, MDB, UDL (SQL/Oracle), and double-byte characters.
  • Mass Data Manipulation: Perform bulk data manipulation without the need for import/export.
  • Object Counts and Field Sums: Analyze master-detail and lookup relationships with object counts and field sums.
  • External Data Comparison: Compare external data sources like spreadsheets with Salesforce objects and identify matching field-level details.
  • Grid-based Interface: Expedite manual data modification and alignment with a user-friendly grid-based interface.

IMPLEMENTATION: DemandTools, a part of Validity for Data Management, is a 64-bit .NET Windows smart client application designed to install on desktop or laptop computers. Installation is quick and straightforward, taking less than 15 minutes, and immediately extends an administrator’s control over Salesforce data. With DemandTools, you also get access to PeopleImport and DupeBlocker, included with your subscription for comprehensive data quality management.

Experience the power of DemandTools for efficient data management and superior data quality control in Salesforce!


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