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Managing Salesforce data can be a challenge, but with Cloudingo, it becomes effortless, leaving you with clean, reliable data. While removing duplicates in Salesforce is fundamental to what Cloudingo offers, our data cleansing capabilities extend far beyond that:

Key Features:

Merge Duplicates & Convert Records: Seamlessly merge records without losing essential data such as opportunities, attachments, and history. Easily convert Leads to Contacts.

Automate on a Schedule: Ensure your data remains free of duplicates by scheduling Cloudingo to run in the background, working for you on a set schedule.

Dedupe Import Files: Effortlessly import data and scan for duplicates, creating new records and updating existing ones within Salesforce.

Update Records in Bulk: Utilize customized rules to modify field values for large groups of records, saving time and effort.

Delete Unnecessary, Stale Records: Save on database costs by mass deleting unnecessary records, including test records and inactive leads.

Collaborate & Track Changes: Control access to Cloudingo with multiple permissions-based logins, ensuring data security and integrity.

Connect Systems via API: Seamlessly shuttle data from your ERP through Cloudingo to Salesforce, enabling you to leverage master data management systems effectively.

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