Streamline Your Workflow with Email Integration

Effortlessly sync your Gmail, Outlook O365 emails, and events directly to Salesforce with our seamless integration. Stay connected and organized by accessing all your email communications and calendar events within Salesforce in real-time.

Unlock Real-Time Customer Intelligence

Gain valuable insights with real-time customer intelligence directly from Salesforce. Stay informed about customer interactions, preferences, and activities to tailor your approach effectively.

Unlimited Attachment, Email Tracking, and Mail Merge Templates

Enjoy unlimited attachment capabilities, email tracking, and access to a wide range of mail merge templates to enhance your communication strategy. Track email opens, clicks, and responses to optimize engagement.

Efficient Lead and Contact Management

Effortlessly create leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities directly from your integrated email platform. Seamlessly manage your customer relationships and sales pipeline without switching between applications.

Supports Custom Fields and Objects

Customize your email integration to match your unique business needs with support for custom fields and objects. Tailor your Salesforce experience to align perfectly with your organization’s requirements.

Experience the power of seamless email integration with Salesforce and unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency in your workflow.


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