Blackthorn Payments, in collaboration with CRM UP, offers a comprehensive payment processing solution seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, providing extensive currency support, flexible payment options, and powerful admin tools. CRM UP, a leading provider of CRM consulting services, adds its expertise to ensure that businesses maximize the benefits of Blackthorn Payments within their Salesforce ecosystem.

Key Features of Blackthorn Payments

  • Extensive Currency Support: Handles transactions in over 135 currencies, allowing for global business operations.
  • Comprehensive Payment Actions: Facilitates charging, authorization, refunds, and handling disputes effortlessly within Salesforce.
  • Advanced Card Management: Includes features like expired card updates and support for EMV certified transactions, ensuring secure and efficient payment processing.
  • Integration with Major Gateways: Compatible with over 120 gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and more, offering versatile payment processing solutions.
  • Mobile Payment Solutions: Offers native iOS and Android app integrations with card readers for on-the-go payment capabilities, supporting swipe, chip, and tap/NFC.
  • Recurring Billing and Payment Schedules: Automates and manages recurring payments and schedules, enhancing customer retention and reducing manual billing efforts.
  • Secure and Compliant: Ensures PCI-Compliant SAQ-D certification and is SCA/3D Secure 2 ready, providing top-notch security for all transactions.

Collaboration with CRM UP

  • Expert CRM Consulting Services: CRM UP brings its expertise to assist businesses in implementing and optimizing Blackthorn Payments within their Salesforce CRM environment.
  • Tailored Solutions: Collaborative efforts ensure that businesses receive customized payment processing solutions aligned with their specific CRM needs and objectives.

For Admins

  • Enhanced Reporting and Dashboards: Provides packaged rollups, reports, and dashboards for comprehensive oversight of payment activities.
  • Community Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce communities to extend payment functionalities to wider user bases.

Payment Methods

  • Diverse Payment Options: Supports a wide array of payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, checks, and direct bank transfers through services like Bacs, SEPA, and SOFORT.
  • Physical Checks: Unique capability to handle physical checks to a lockbox that auto-reconcile, providing traditional payment options alongside modern methods.

Setup and Installation

  1. Integration with Salesforce:
    • Begin by navigating to the Salesforce AppExchange and installing the Blackthorn Payments application.
  2. Configuration:
    • Configure each payment gateway and processor as needed within Salesforce settings based on your organization’s requirements.
    • Utilize provided REST and Apex APIs for custom integrations and further automation within Salesforce.
  3. Enable Mobile Payments (if applicable):
    • Set up native mobile apps for iOS and Android, including EMV certified card readers for secure mobile transactions.
  4. Customization and Administration:
    • Adjust settings for accounting integrations like Accounting Seed, and set up necessary reports and dashboards to monitor payment processing activities.

Blackthorn Payments, in partnership with CRM UP, offers businesses a powerful payment processing solution seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, empowering them to streamline payment operations and enhance customer experiences within their CRM environment.


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