CRMUP enhances Zapier’s powerful automation capabilities, which integrate seamlessly with thousands of popular apps like Gmail, Slack, and Todoist. By setting up automated workflows, which we call Zaps, CRMUP turns Pipedrive into an efficient sales workflow hub. In just a few minutes, you can automate various tasks such as creating new leads, updating deal statuses, attaching files to accounts, and more—eliminating the need for manual work.

Capabilities with Zapier + CRMUP’s Pipedrive Integration

  • Log new Calendly events as contact activities directly in CRMUP’s Pipedrive configuration.
  • Convert new Typeform entries into deals within CRMUP’s Pipedrive framework.
  • Import new Facebook ad leads as contacts in CRMUP’s Pipedrive system.
  • Generate deals in CRMUP’s Pipedrive setup for each new submission from Gravity Forms.


  • Garrett Grohman, Indiegogo: “Zapier has increased my personal efficiency by more than 400 percent, thanks to CRMUP’s seamless integration.”
  • Olivia Jardine, Meister: “With CRMUP and Zapier, we work faster and smarter by removing manual processes, allowing us to add a personal touch to our services.”
  • Lindsey Redinger, InVision: “Using CRMUP with Zapier saves me about 10 hours a week, enhancing our design operations by 25 percent.”

Setup and Installation

  • Sign Up: Register for Zapier through CRMUP to take advantage of a free forever plan, with paid plans that scale according to usage.
  • Getting Started: Check out our Getting Started Guide tailored for CRMUP users to begin automating your Pipedrive workflows effectively.
  • More Information: For further details, explore our website.
  • Technical Support: Need help? Start with our dedicated support center for CRMUP users.

Leverage CRMUP’s integration with Zapier to automate your Pipedrive processes, saving time and significantly boosting efficiency across your sales operations.

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