Improve your CRM capabilities with the Woopra and CRMUP’s Pipedrive integration. This powerful combination allows you to connect detailed behavioral data from Woopra directly with deal, opportunity, and CRM data in Pipedrive. By integrating these platforms, you can comprehensively analyze every step of the customer journey, uncovering how various user behaviors contribute to long-term opportunities and overall customer success.

Setup and Installation

  1. Integration Setup:

    • Complete the initial integration setup by installing Woopra on your website to track behavioral data.
    • Install the integration module in CRMUP’s Pipedrive to begin syncing data.
  2. Configuration of Tracking Events:

    • After installation, you will gain access to new segmentation filters in Woopra, such as the ‘Deal Created’ action, which can be used in Journeys reports, Trends Reports, and more.
  3. Setting Up Pipedrive Triggers:

    • Configure specific conditions within Woopra under the ‘Add Actions’ options to trigger changes based on customer behaviors.
    • Select and apply the actions you want to be triggered in CRMUP’s Pipedrive when certain conditions are met.

This integration not only simplifies the management of sales and marketing data but also empowers teams to make informed decisions that enhance customer engagement and boost sales performance. With the combined power of Woopra and CRMUP’s Pipedrive, you can turn complex data into actionable insights that drive success.


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