Unlock deeper insights into your customer interactions with the Pipedrive-Wingman integration. This powerful connection leverages AI to capture, transcribe, and analyze your customer conversations, transforming them from abstract feedback into actionable insights. By integrating Wingman with Pipedrive, you add significant context to every conversation, enhancing your CRM’s effectiveness.

Key Benefits of Pipedrive-Wingman Integration

  • Automated CRM Updates: Automatically keep your CRM updated with detailed records of customer interactions, saving you time and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Efficient Insight Retrieval: Wingman’s AI eliminates the need for manual review of call recordings by identifying the right call and extracting relevant insights without you having to listen to every call.
  • Quick Call Preparation: Get a concise summary of key points from previous conversations, such as engaging questions or discussed actions, readily available for review before your next call.
  • Asynchronous Sales Coaching: Wingman transforms sales coaching into a real-time, actionable, and contextual process. Quickly review calls, share feedback, and build a library of coachable moments to efficiently onboard new reps.

Setup and Installation

Integrating Wingman with Pipedrive is straightforward and quick, requiring no developer support or coding:

  1. Follow the link to access the Installation Guide.
  2. The guide will walk you through a few simple steps to connect Wingman to your Pipedrive account.
  3. Once connected, start leveraging AI-driven insights to improve your sales strategies and customer interactions.

This integration is designed to streamline your workflows, enhance your customer engagement, and empower your sales team with deeper insights into every conversation.


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