RouterJet revolutionizes lead management in Pipedrive, ensuring that new leads are assigned to the right salesperson efficiently and fairly. Whether you call it lead routing, distribution, or assignment, RouterJet automates the process with precision.

Features of RouterJet for Pipedrive

  • Round-Robin Assignment: Set up a fair and efficient Round-Robin system for lead distribution within minutes to ensure balanced workload among salespeople.
  • Custom Lead Assignment Rules: Tailor lead assignment based on any deal field, such as location, price, or custom fields, to meet your specific sales strategies.
  • Email and SMS Alerts: Notify agents instantly about new deals via email and SMS, ensuring prompt response.
  • Adaptive Scheduling: Configure work hours for each team member. Easily adjust rosters for absences with a simple click, redirecting leads to available reps.
  • Lead Escalation: Implement escalation protocols to reassign leads if they are not followed up within 14 minutes, minimizing the chance of leads going cold.
  • Lead Response Reporting: Measure and optimize your team’s response time to leads, enhancing the chances of conversion against competitors.

Setup and Installation

  • Round-Robin Setup:

    1. Click “Install” in the Pipedrive marketplace and log into RouterJet.
    2. Access the Team page, activate the agents you want to handle deals.
    3. On the Rules page, create a rule by selecting the pipeline and stage to trigger deal assignments, choose agents, and save.
    4. Test the setup in Pipedrive to ensure correct deal assignment.
  • Custom Lead Assignment:

    • Navigate to Advanced Settings on the Rules page to set more specific criteria for deal assignment based on location, amount, or any custom field.
  • SMS/Email Lead Alerts:

    • Enable SMS and email notifications at the bottom of each Rule page. Ensure agents’ mobile numbers are updated on the Team page. Alerts are timed to give agents a seven-minute head-start before becoming public.
  • Lead Escalation:

    • Enable Escalation at the bottom of each Rule page to ensure leads are reassigned if not claimed within 14 minutes, ideal for urgent leads.

Additional Information

  • Claiming Deals: Deals can be claimed by changing the stage in Pipedrive or clicking on the email/SMS claim link provided in the alert.
  • Note: SMS and Email alerts respect agent work hours and will not be sent outside these periods.

Enhance your sales team’s efficiency and responsiveness with RouterJet’s advanced lead management tools for Pipedrive. For more details or assistance, email us at hello@routerjet.com.


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