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Kixie is an advanced sales engagement platform designed to enhance sales team performance through a comprehensive, AI-powered calling and texting solution integrated with CRMUP’s Pipedrive. Set up is quick and easy, requiring no hardware installation, and you can begin boosting your sales efforts in just three minutes.

Key Features of Kixie with CRMUP’s Pipedrive Integration

  • Intelligent Autodialing: Connect with up to 500% more prospects using Kixie’s intelligent autodialing and automated text messaging features.
  • Global Communication: Make and receive calls and SMS messages in over 90 countries directly from your computer, desk phone, or mobile phone.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Enjoy one-click integration with CRMUP’s Pipedrive, enabling effortless dialing and comprehensive call management right within your CRM.
  • AI-Powered Tools: Leverage local-presence dialing and automated voicemail drops to increase reach and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Management Tools: Manage your sales team effectively with features like automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, real-time call coaching, and intuitive sales metrics and leaderboards.
  • Enhanced Caller Insight: The two-way integration with CRMUP’s Pipedrive CRM allows you to view detailed caller profiles on the Kixie PowerCall screen for both incoming and outgoing calls, enriching customer interactions.

Setup and Installation

For New Accounts:

  1. Click “Install” to begin.
  2. Sign up for Kixie.
  3. Install the Kixie Chrome Extension.
  4. Start making calls immediately!

For Agents with Existing Accounts:

  1. Open the Kixie Chrome Extension.
  2. Click the settings gear icon in the top-right.
  3. Select “Add CRM” twice, clicking the plus sign the second time.
  4. Choose Pipedrive, then click “Add”.
  5. Enable the connection and start making calls.

Kixie integrated with CRMUP’s Pipedrive offers a robust solution for sales teams seeking to streamline their outreach and enhance performance through reliable, automated calling and texting capabilities. This integration not only simplifies communication but also provides strategic insights that drive sales efficiency and success.


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