JustCall integrates seamlessly with CRMUP’s Pipedrive, providing a comprehensive communication solution that allows you to make, receive, and track all of your sales calls and SMS directly from your Pipedrive dashboard. With special discounts for various sectors and a robust feature set, JustCall enhances your sales team’s efficiency and ensures all communications are logged accurately within your CRM system.

Discount Offer

  • General Subscription Plans: Enjoy 20% off on all subscription plans for six months.
  • Healthcare and Education Sector: Benefit from a 50% discount.
  • Introductory Offer: Get a 70% discount for the first month.
  • Free Demo: Schedule a free demo to explore JustCall features.

Key Features of JustCall with CRMUP’s Pipedrive Integration

  • Direct Calling and SMS: Make phone calls and send SMS from Pipedrive with the ease of a click next to a phone number.
  • Activity Tracking: Automatically log your daily interactions, call recordings, and voicemails, providing a comprehensive view of customer communications.
  • Auto-contact Sync: Keep your Pipedrive contacts synced with JustCall, and use mobile apps for calling and texting on the go.
  • Bulk Messaging: Send SMS to leads directly from Pipedrive or select contacts for mass messaging in a few clicks.
  • Lead Conversion: Convert calls from unknown numbers into Pipedrive contacts and deals (optional).
  • Custom Activity Logging: Set custom disposition codes as activity types in Pipedrive for detailed tracking (premium feature).
  • Analytics: Monitor call and text activities at the agent level directly within your Pipedrive account.

Setup and Installation

  1. Account Setup:

    • Log into your existing JustCall account or create a new account at JustCall Signup.
    • Navigate to JustCall Integration and search for Pipedrive.
    • Click on the “Integrate” button next to Pipedrive and follow the authorization flow. You’ll be redirected back to JustCall with a confirmation message.
    • Syncing contacts takes only 10-15 minutes, syncing at a rate of 100 contacts per minute.
  2. Activating Click-to-Call and Click-to-Text:

    • Download the JustCall Chrome Extension at JustCall Chrome Extension.
    • In Pipedrive, go to Settings > Company Settings from the sidebar.
    • Change the phone number syntax from callto:number to tel:number.
    • Refresh your Pipedrive tab a few times, and you will see click-to-call and click-to-text buttons next to phone numbers in Pipedrive.

By integrating JustCall with CRMUP’s Pipedrive, your team gains the ability to handle communications more effectively, ensuring that all interactions are tracked and analyzed for better customer relationship management.

pipedrive integration with justcall

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