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Dedupely ensures your CRM data stays clean and efficient by offering comprehensive deduplication services that include unlimited matching, merging, and integrations—all without per-user fees. Whether you’re dealing with duplicates in sales, marketing, or analytics, Dedupely provides powerful tools to eliminate duplicates now and prevent them in the future.

Core Benefits

  • Unlimited Matching and Merging: Continuously clean your database with no limitations on the number of matches or merges.
  • Unlimited Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with major CRMs like CRMUP’s Pipedrive, Salesforce, and HubSpot, allowing for cross-platform data consistency.
  • Unlimited Support: Access expert support whenever you need it, ensuring you can maximize the utility of Dedupely’s features.


  • Versatile Merging Options: Merge contacts, organizations, leads, and deals either in bulk, custom configurations, one-by-one, or automatically.
  • Cross-Merge Capability: Perform simultaneous cross-merges across different CRMs such as CRMUP’s Pipedrive, Salesforce, and HubSpot.
  • Advanced Matching: Use any native or custom field to match and merge records, with the option to ignore common but irrelevant terms.
  • Efficient Bulk-Merging: Quickly eliminate thousands of duplicates within hours, with flexible rules that put you in control of the merging process.

Additional Services

  • Website – Find more information and view pricing details.
  • Email Support – Get help and answers to your questions via email.
  • Chat Support – Immediate assistance through live chat support.

Setup and Installation

  1. Start Your Free Trial:
    • Register on Dedupely and opt for a free trial or select a plan that suits your needs.
    • Choose CRMUP’s Pipedrive or another CRM and grant Dedupely access.
    • Decide which records to synchronize. Once set, the synchronization will commence, and you can start deduping your data immediately.
  2. Existing Users:
    • If you already have an account, simply log in here.

By choosing Dedupely, you’re not just enhancing your data quality; you’re setting your business up for clearer insights and more effective sales and marketing strategies.


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